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U.S. Citizenship Program Draws Praise

Littleton, CO

KCFR – A modest citizenship program and a group of volunteers are helping immigrants from all over the world with the process of becoming U.S. citizens. It is also getting attention from Washington.

Sarah Hughes reports.

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Wider Measure of Unemployment Paints Darker Picture

St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Public Radio – The official U.S. unemployment rate measured by the federal government is 8.9 percent. However, the government has another unemployment measure that many believe tells a truer story of how American workers are faring. By that measure the unemployment rate in this country is nearly 16 percent.

Dan Olson reports.

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Idaho’s Bid to Partner with Cuba Falls Short

Boise, ID

KBSX – Idaho Senator Mike Crapo sees dollar signs every time he thinks of Cuba. He wants Idaho to be in on the ground floor of what he believes will be a huge new market for agricultural products. He’s introduced a bill to ease trade restrictions with the island nation. Idaho has been trying to break into Cuban food markets for some time now, with minimal success.

Adam Cotterell brings you the story of those efforts.

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Federal Prosecutors Try New Tack on Preventing Gun Violence

Chicago, IL

WBEZ – For all the hand-wringing that goes on when people are shot and killed, very few people actually know how to prevent gun violence. Federal prosecutors, including U.S. attorney Pat Fitzgerald, think they have part of the answer.

Rob Wildeboer has the story.

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Some New Orleans Grocery Stores Offer Milk, Bread, Building Permits

New Orleans, LA

WWNO – Go to the grocery store in New Orleans and you can pick up a building permit or pay a parking ticket while checking off your shopping list. The New Orleans city government is unveiling computer kiosks at the four Winn Dixie Supermarkets in Orleans Parish. These computer kiosks are being dubbed “Mobile City Halls.”

Eve Abrams has more.

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Technology Tries to Keep Teen Drivers Safer

Tallahassee, FL

WFSU – New automotive technology allows watchful parents to keep teen drivers safer.

Tom Flanigan has the story.

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55k NRA Members Convene in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

KJZZ – This week, 55-thousand members of the National Rifle Association will gather in Phoenix to celebrate their right to bear arms. The NRA says the Obama administration threatens the Bill of Rights.

Peter O’Dowd reports.

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NASA Workers Retrain to Find Jobs in a World Without Space Shuttles

Orlando, FL

WMFE – Pat Duggins reports on a re-training program being offered to help contract workers who maintain NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet find new careers after the program ends. An estimated 3,500 Shuttle workers could lose their jobs.

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One Alabama County Seeing Great Depression Redux

Yellow Bluff, AL

WBHM – When the economy turned sour, people started making comparisons to the Great Depression. But experts quickly noted it wasn’t anything like the 1930’s, when unemployment soared to 25%. But for one Alabama community, unemployment is that high.

Tanya Ott takes us to Wilcox County, where one in four people who want to work can’t find a job.

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Advocates Flag Pharmacy Chain for Consumer Protection Violations

Portland, ME

MPBN – Consumer protection advocates claim CVS Caremark’s chain of pharmacies — the largest in the country — is violating consumer protection laws, and uses anti-competitive tactics. The Federal Trade Commission has been asked to investigate the company.

Josie Huang reports.

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Rural Doctors Worry about the Cost of Going Paperless

Spokane, WA

KPBX – The Obama Administration is nudging the medical industry into making a fundamental shift to a paperless system. The goal is to greatly reduce health care costs. Providers are dumping their paper files and enlisting computers to keep track of their patients’ medical histories. The administration is offering 19-billion dollars to help health care providers make the transition and many in the Northwest have already taken the leap. But some rural health care providers worry whether they’ll be able to afford the change.

Doug Nadvornick has the story.

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Readership is Up for Spanish-Language Newspapers

Memphis, TN

WKNO – With most newspaper advertising and circulation declining nationwide, Spanish-language papers are defying the downward economic trend.

Nicole Erwin reports.

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Funeral Homes Not Playing by the Rules

Little Rock, AR

KUAR – When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often have to make many quick decisions about funeral arrangements at a time when they are under significant emotional duress.

The Federal Trade Commission just came out with the results of its undercover investigations into funeral homes around the nation, including in Arkansas. And, as Karen Tricot-Steward reports, the Commission found that many funeral homes are not playing by the rules and consumers are paying the price.

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Teens Face Stiff Competition for Summer Jobs

Flagstaff, AZ

KNAU – Millions of people have lost their jobs in recent months and many more are doing work they’re over qualified for. So as teens look for summer jobs, there’s stiff competition.

Arizona Public Radio’s Laurel Morales stopped by the teen job fair in Flagstaff to bring us this report.

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Baltimore Sun Lays Off Workers

Baltimore, MD

WYPR, 4.30.09. This week the Baltimore Sun has cut the size of its newsroom by about 25 percent. Employees were caught off guard when 18 editors were laid off Tuesday evening, and another 40 positions were cut Wednesday. Until the recent cuts, there were about 200 employees working on stories in the Sun newsroom, but even more reductions may lay ahead.

Art Buist reports.

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Churchill Downs Hopes to Draw Audience with Star Power

Louisville, KY

WFPL, 5.1.09. The Kentucky Derby has invited LeAnn Rimes to sing the national anthem, marking the first time it’s had a national recording artist sing the song at the event.

Elizabeth Kramer reports on why the Derby had begun what it is calling “a new tradition” and what it means.