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Salting the Environment

Fayetteville, AR

KUAF – During ice and snow storms city and county public works crews spread gravel mixed with salt onto roads to make passage safer. But what happens to all that salt once the weather warms and rains wash it away?

Jacqueline Froelich has the story.

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Why Parents Fight for “Failing” Schools

Chicago, IL

WBEZ – Chicago Public Schools is beginning a series of public hearings on plans to revamp or close 14 schools. Some of them are under-enrolled. Others are being targeted for chronic low performance. Despite that stigma, many parents are fighting fiercely to keep open their children’s failing schools.

Linda Lutton looks at why.

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Floating Hospital Arrives in Haiti

Washington D.C.

WAMU – The USNS Comfort is one of two gigantic Navy hospital ships. It arrived in the waters off Haiti on Wednesday. The ship is enormous, and the logistics involved with getting it moving at short notice are complicated to say the least.

Critics may complain that the U.S. relief effort has been slow, but not all of us have tried to move a hospital halfway around the world. Sabri Ben-Achour brings us this look from on board.

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The Cost of Getting Lost

Coconino County, AZ

KNAU – Early last month the county Sheriff’s Office, with the help of several other agencies, rescued 40 people stranded in the snow. It was a multi-thousand-dollar operation. But it cost the victims nothing. In northern Arizona most rescues are free but some believe unprepared outdoor enthusiasts should have to pay for their rescues.

Laurel Morales has this story.

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Senate Upset in Massachusetts

Boston, MA

WBUR – In his victory speech Tuesday night, the new senator-elect from Massachusetts said something that would sound very unusual coming from most winning politicians in this liberal state. Scott Brown told his supporters that Democrats — which he called “the machine” — should be worried.

Fred Thys reports on Brown’s successful run for the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.

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Chickens as a Source of Renewable Energy

Prentiss, MS

Mississippi Public Broadcasting – Mississippi has one of the largest poultry industries in the country. Now, one farmer is garnering attention for using his chicken farm to create renewable energy.

Phoebe Judge reports.

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Keeping Asian Carp Out

Milwaukee, WI

WUWM – The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up the issue of Asian carp today. The invasive species has a firm hold in the Mississippi River and there’s concern the monstrous fish are about to slip into Lake Michigan. The State of Michigan wants Illinois to close two locks on the canal to plug the man-made link.

But as Susan Bence reports, uncertainty still surrounds the issue.

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States Play the Incentive Game to Lure Companies

Salt Lake City, UT

KUER – More and more, Utah is winning the game of luring companies here. And encouraging companies already here to expand. Most are attracted to the state’s high quality of life and educated work force. But sometimes, state officials feel pressed to hand out millions in incentives to seal the deal. It’s a tricky game, one that, some say, deserves more scrutiny.

Jenny Brundin reports.

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Winter Biking: Not as Bad as It Sounds

St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Public Radio – Recently a winter storm dumped snow, then ice, then more snow on the region, the sub-zero temperatures make roads nearly impossible to clean off. But if you thought driving a car in these conditions was hard, consider with bicycle commuters are going through.

Tom Crann has more.

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St. Louis: Beer Capital No More

St. Louis, MO

KWMU – For years St. Louis was called “America’s beer capital”, not to be confused with Milwaukee which claimed to be the “World beer capital” or the state of Oregon which now claims that distinction for itself. Most of St. Louis’s 200-plus breweries are long gone. So what, if anything, does all that history mean today?

Adam Allington communes with the beer barons of yesteryear, when lager was king.

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Program Aims to Give Doctors Bias-Free Drug Info

Boston, MA

WBUR – The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars each year promoting its products. That means doctors often get a one-sided view of which drugs are best for their patients. Now, a new program in Massachusetts aims to give doctors bias-free medical information — but it might not be around for long.

Sacha Pfeiffer reports.

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Greening the Green

Stone Mountain, GA

WBHM – This time of year golf might be the farthest thing from your mind. But during the off-season golf course managers get to strategize how to best treat their million dollar turf. Some golf courses have a bad rap with environmentalists. But as Tanya Ott reports there’s a budding green movement in the golf industry.

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Transforming Manufacturing

Milwaukee, WI

WUWM – As in many cities, business leaders in Milwaukee are working to salvage a diminishing manufacturing base. They’re encouraging companies to go high-tech and diversify their products. Erin Toner reports.

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Truffles in the Tennessee Rough

Knoxville, TN

WUOT – One of the most elusive gastronomic treats in the world can now be found in East Tennessee–the famed, rare Perigord Black Truffle. The nubby, round aromatic fungus worth hundreds of dollars a pound grows wild in France. But it has stubbornly resisted commercial production in the States. Yet, a Greene County, Tennessee man has succeeded. Ann Lloyd reports.

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