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Off-Shore Wind Coming, Like It or Not

Nantucket Sound, MA

WBUR – The Obama Administration gave the green light to make Cape Wind the nation’s first offshore wind farm, and while opponents vow a fight in court, others are calling it a “done deal.”

Curt Nickisch reports.

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Glory Days at the World’s Biggest Fish Fry

Paris, TN

WKMS – The annual World’s Biggest Fish Fry was in full swing last week. The fish fry began as a mule pull in 1938 and after they began serving fish to participants, the tradition caught on. This year’s newest event is the Hush Puppy eating contest. It started on Wednesday night at the Paris Tennessee fairgrounds. Rebecca Feldhaus reports that the homemade hush puppies drew competitors of all statures.


Quake Shifts Lives in Mexicali

San Diego, CA

KPBS – The ground hasn’t stopped moving since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Mexicali three weeks ago, rattling downtown San Diego. Amy Isackson reports that the quake ruptured more than 25,000 lives in Mexicali and may have changed the landscape forever.


Collectors Flock to Site of Meteor Strike

Southwestern WI

Wisconsin Public Radio – Ever since last week’s meteorite’s crash to earth, hunters have been scouring the rolling hills and farmland of southwestern Wisconsin for pieces of the fireball. Shamane Mills report.

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Bisexual Softball Players Sue Gay World Series

Seattle, WA

KUOW- Two years ago Seattle hosted the Gay Softball World Series. Now three San Francisco men are suing the group that organized the tournament. They say they were deemed “not gay enough” to participate. And because of that their team was unfairly stripped of its second place title. Carolyn Beeler has this story


Courtroom Artists a Fading Profession

Riverhead, NY

WSHU – Even in the age of Twitter and the 24-hour rolling news deadline, there’s one courtroom reporting job that hasn’t changed.

Charles Lane reports.

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A Push to Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Pittsburgh, PA

WDUQ – As lawmakers look to re-shape the educational landscape, Pittsburgh Public Schools is getting a head start. The district is among four education systems nationwide selected to participate in “Empowering Effective Teachers: Readiness for Reform.” Bankrolled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the initiative is meant to transform the way teachers are trained, evaluated and compensated.

But Larkin Page-Jacobs reports that while leadership is on board, teachers are still warming up to the idea…

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Police Recruits Get Art Lesson

Chicago, IL

WBEZ – Recruits in the Chicago Police Training Academy are learning another skill set, along with shooting a gun, and hand-cuffing suspects. They’re learning how to look at art deeply at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lynette Kalsnes tagged along.

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Islamic Banking Yields Positive Results

Detroit, MI

WUOM – Borrowing money to pay for a home is something that’s gotten a lot of people into financial trouble. But as more and more homeowners found they couldn’t pay their loans, one Michigan bank started an Islamic lending program for observant Muslims that’s had relatively few defaults.

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Florida Forever Program Endangered

Port Manatee, FL

WUSF – Florida’s pioneering land-buying program “Florida Forever” is in danger. It received no money last year, and if the state House has its way, it will get nothing again. Backers of the program fear another dry year could kill the decades-old program. Steve Newborn reports.

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Laid-Off Attorneys Pursue New Paths

New York, NY

WNYC – In a sour economy a career in law-once thought to be a sure thing-is no guarantee. As Ailsa Chang reports, law school graduates and career attorneys are trying to make ends meet pursuing everything from retail jobs to their long held business ideas.

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Nuns Come Out Swinging at Bank of America

Charlotte, NC

WFAE – Bank of America will hold its annual meeting on April 28, and it’s not likely to be a friendly gathering. Last year, shareholders booed loudly and forced CEO Ken Lewis from the chairmanship of the bank’s board of directors. This year shareholders are pushing several proposals to limit executive pay and require the bank to be more forthcoming in its use of a now-infamous product called “derivatives.” That proposal comes from a somewhat surprising source: a coalition of priests and nuns. Julie Rose explains.

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Illegal Immigrants Face Hurdles Escaping Domestic Violence

Phoenix, AZ

KJZZ – In Arizona, a police officer responds to a domestic violence call every five minutes. But many women are afraid to call the police. Advocacy groups say illegal immigrant victims have to contend with another layer of abuse because of their immigration status. Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez has the story.

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Helping In Haiti: Caring for the Newly Disabled

Boston, MA

WBUR – Amputated limbs. Paralyzed spines. Traumatic brain damage. These are the kinds of injuries that some Haiti earthquake victims are now dealing with — perhaps for the rest of their lives. Sacha Pfeiffer reports that a local non-profit group is heading to Haiti to help victims adjust to what could be life-long disabilities.