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Prescription Drug Rings a Growing Problem

Baltimore, MD

WYPR – In recent years, the trafficking and abuse of prescription drugs has become more prevalent. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the amount of the pain-killing drug oxycodone seized by law enforcement, for example, has tripled nationally in the last five years. In the same span, seizures in the Washington division, which includes Baltimore, have increased by more than six times. Sunni Khalid has the story.

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Hawaii Turns Attention to Disappearing Beach

Waikiki, HI

KHPR – Hawaii lawmakers and Honolulu hoteliers want to give Waikiki Beach a facelift. After years of renovations to the hotels along Kalakaua Avenue, attention has finally turned to the sand. Some say it’s not a moment too soon. Years of erosion have whittled away the iconic beach. Ben Markus reports.

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Oil Leak Devastates Tourism Industry

Gulf Shores, AL

WBHM – The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is wreaking widespread environmental havoc. But there’s a very personal chaos playing out in thousands of homes up and down the coastline. The oil spill has put many people out of work, and as Tanya Ott reports many families are being forced to rethink their financial lives.

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Oil Leak a Boon to Some

Seymour, CT

WSHU – Among the tools BP has been using to respond to spill in the Gulf of Mexico are floating booms designed to contain the oil. A Connecticut company that invented oil containment booms is working non-stop to meet the huge demand. It hasn’t been this busy since the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. Craig LeMoult reports.

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Dancing with Parkinson’s

Spokane, WA

Northwest Public Radio Network – Many patients are turning to a form of exercise that they thought they’d have to leave behind. Doug Nadvornick met some people who are dancing with Parkinson’s.

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In Tough Times, Rural Businesses Turn to Community Banks

Winchester Bay, OR

Oregon Public Broadcasting – It’s been a tough couple of years for bankers, particularly in small towns. They point out that while they get swept up in comparisons with the big banks that contributed to the economy’s slump, there’s a big difference between what they do and Wall Street.
Kristian Foden-Vencil looks into what exactly community banks do for small towns and local businesses.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame Opens

Charlotte, NC

WFAE – This week’s opening ceremony was a celebration of how Charlotte became the museum’s home. There were plenty of fireworks, business leaders, politicians, plus legendary drivers Junior Johnson and Richard Petty. There were also a good number of out-of-town visitors.

Greg Collard reports.

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On National Lab Day, Making Science Kid-Friendly

Pittsburgh, PA

It’s National Lab Day-an initiative meant to get kids hooked on science and educators, volunteers and organizations around the country are working to make science kid-friendly. Larkin Page-Jacobs reports that kids can make connections to science at any age, using every day materials.

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Prison Classes Offer Few Job Skills for Real Life

Joliet, IL

WBEZ – In its mission statement, the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice pledges to help the young people in its prisons become productive citizens. But at the maximum security youth prison in Joliet, 40 miles southwest of Chicago, that pledge has been hard to keep. Vocational classes at the prison have repeatedly been cut over the last 15 years. And Rob Wildeboer reports the few that are still offered, don’t offer much.

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Oath Keepers – Patriotic or Dangerous?

Little Rock, AR

KUAR – The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published the study “Rage on the Right” which focuses on the dramatic rise in the number of so-called patriot groups. Ron Breeding takes an in-depth look at one of those organizations known as Oath Keepers.

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Arizona in the National Spotlight

Phoenix, AZ

KJZZ – Arizona has been in the national spotlight for weeks. And while the state’s new immigration law has dominated the headlines, there are other bills coming out of the capitol that have garnered the country’s attention as well.

Mark Brodie reports.

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Fine Tuning the Smog Check

Sacramento, CA

The California Report – Any notion that California is an environmental paradise was punctured yet again this week. The American Lung Association released its annual report card on air quality. All 10 of the smoggiest counties in the nation are here in California. Part of the problem is those old cars and trucks you see spewing smoke. Amy Standen reports that now the state has a program to get those dirty cars off the road.

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In Wake of Plant Closure, a City in Transition

Mansfield, OH

WOSU – For much of the 20th century, the city of Mansfield was an industrial giant. But things began to unravel in the 1970s as manufacturing slowed. The latest blow came early this year when the nearby General Motors plant shut down. Sam Hendren visited Mansfield and reports on a city in transition.

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