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Porn Industry Under Fire for Practicing Unsafe Sex

Miami, FL

WLRN – Unsafe sex depicted in adult movies isn’t just a bad message, it’s a workplace safety issue for Florida porn stars. State health officials have begun an investigation that could lead to rules requiring condoms on the set. Rick Stone has the story.

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Los Angeles, CA

KPCC – Meanwhile, in California two former adult film actresses are suing the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation. They allege the Sherman Oaks-based foundation that tests adult film performers for sexually transmitted diseases violated their privacy by releasing their health information online. Brian Watts reports.

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With Bush Gone, a Texas Town Fades

Crawford, TX

KUT – Crawford became the adopted home of George W. Bush during his presidency. But the small town west of Waco has undergone some big changes since the 43rd president handed over the keys to the White House.

Nathan Bernier visited the town recently, and spoke with some of the locals about what it’s like to lose the spotlight.

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New “Superweeds” Resist Herbicide

Ohio River Valley

Ohio River Radio Consortium – For many regional farmers, the most popular weed-killer is becoming less effective. Now, many are reverting to older, harsher chemicals to combat so-called “superweeds.”

Julie Grant has more.

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Twittering: New and Old Baseball Traditions Collide

Atlanda, GA

WABE – Baseball is a game filled with tradition–like singing along when the organ plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” But in many major league ballparks, technology has replaced that tradition. The organist is gone, and fans sing to a recording. At Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, live organ music is making a comeback–with a 21st century twist. Philip Graitcer has the story.

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In the Digital Age, Vinyl is Resurgent

Cleveland, OH

WCPN – Over the years, Northeast Ohio’s changing economy has left the local landscape peppered with abandoned factories. That’s provided an opportunity for a Cleveland businessman to start a new manufacturing company. David Barnett reports on the growing popularity of a retro medium.

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The Garment District: So Last-Century, or the Perfect Fit for New York?

New York, NY

WNYC – A movement to keep manufacturing in Midtown is taking shape. Lead mostly by seamstresses who want to keep the nuts and bolts of fashion from moving entirely overseas, the issue has lots of support, but not everyone is sounding the cry. Designers have been largely silent.

Ilya Marritz reports.


NIMBY: Cell Phone Towers

Atlanta, GA

WABE – For the past two years, a group of East Atlanta residents fought the construction of a cell phone tower in the middle of their residential neighborhood. They organized, lobbied, researched, and found an alternative site, and eventually, the cell carrier, T-Mobile, pulled the project. But then, the landowner decided to find another carrier. Now the same project is being proposed for a new company, and residents are asking the city of Atlanta to help stop the tower. John Sepulvado reports.

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Michigan Museums Return Native American Remains

Ann Arbor, MI

WUOM – The University of Michigan’s Museum of Anthropology has a collection of around 1,400 ancient Native American remains. But they’ll lose those remains under a new federal law – and the ability to conduct research will go with them.
Charles Manley has the story.

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Susan B. Anthony Museum Sparks Abortion Debate

Adams, MA

WFCR – A new museum has opened in famed suffragette Susan B. Anthony’s childhood home in Adams, Massachusetts. As Sarah Danson reports, it’s promoting debate over whether Anthony’s life work included calls against abortion.

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