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When is a Cord Not a Cord?

Newtown, CT

WNPR – Record-setting snowfall and sub-zero temperatures in the Northeast have led to increased demand for firewood this heating season. There’s also been an uptick in complaints by consumers who say they’re getting less firewood than they pay for. As part of a collaboration with Northeast stations, Diane Orson reports.

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Fight over a Presidential Corpse

Miami, FL

WLRN – On the surface, it’s seems like just another ugly death dispute. There’s the dead husband, the estranged wife and the faithful mistress. There are assets to be distributed, a body to be buried and all of that gets complicated fast. It gets even more complicated when the dead husband is former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez. He died in self-exile in Miami on Christmas day. Since then, his body has been sitting in a freezer. His former wife says his remains should come back to Venezuela. But his mistress says Andres Perez never wanted to return to a Chavista country. And Kenny Malone reports this dispute is part of a much bigger story.


Unions in Midwest Dig In

Cleveland, OH

Changing Gears – The Midwest is the birthplace of the modern industrial union. The United Auto Workers formed in Detroit. AFSCME, the union representing many government workers, got its start in Madison, Wisconsin. Now, Madison and other Midwest cities have become the center of the fight over public employee unions. Dan Bobkoff reports on how unions are digging in as their influence dwindles.

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Mexican Rodeos Squeezed Out of So. Cal

San Diego, CA

KJZZ – Mexican rodeos, known as chareadas, are a colorful tradition, but Ruxandra Guidi reports a lack of space could mean and end to these rodeos in some communities in southern California.

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Arts Groups Try to Find Place in Changing Economy, Changing Technology

Seattle, WA

KUOW – Arts groups survive on a patchwork quilt of funding sources. That’s true even when the economy is booming and if you factor in a prolonged recession, the quilt unravels pretty quickly. But money is only one challenge that arts groups face; in an age when you can get every kind of entertainment or artistic experience at the stroke of a computer key, where do traditional arts fit in? Marcie Sillman reports that’s something arts organizations are trying to figure out. 

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The Evolution of a Small Newspaper

Eugene, OR

KLCC – Regional newspapers have had to evolve as their influence wanes. Tiffany Eckert looks at how one family owned enterprise is weathering the changing media landscape.

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When a Child Becomes the Caretaker

NHPR – When parents aren’t around, or aren’t capable of taking care of their children, there are instances when a child steps into the shoes as the primary caregiver. Dan Gorenstein reports.

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Brain Surgery While Awake

San Diego, CA

The California Report – Americans have been cheering on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as she continues to recover from a gunshot wound to her brain. Doctors say her recovery so far is remarkable. There’s been tremendous progress in brain surgery — and teaching hospitals in California are part of that story. Now, teaching hospitals are developing techniques to remove brain tumors while the patient is awake, so that surgeons can safely navigate around the brain area that controls speech. Kenny Goldberg reports Krista McFadden recently went through the surgery at UC San Diego’s Thornton Hospital.


Gulf Fish Population Boom Met with Skepticism

Dauphin Island, AL

WBHM – Since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, marine scientists have come upon a surprising finding: more fish. Researchers at the Dauphin Island Sea report dramatic increases in some species. But as Gigi Douban reports, the seafood industry is responding to the news with a wave of skepticism.

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Strong Voice = Strong Muscles

Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

Miami, FL

The Healthy State – You can hear how strong a man is just by listening to his voice. Sammy Mack has more on a study that links voice strength to physical strength and its real-life applications.

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“Megaload” Hits the Road

Lewiston, ID

N3 – The biggest oversize load many people have ever seen on a local highway departed Lewiston overnight. The gigantic coke drum is headed for an oil refinery in Billings, Montana. The so-called “megaload” carries with it unseen hopes and fears. Tom Banse explains.

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Teachers’ Performance Tied to Test Scores

Nashville, TN

WPLN – Teachers rarely bat an eye when the next great thing in education comes around, but over the last year many changes have stormed in all at once. Teachers now teach tougher material, the new governor is questioning the tenure system and teachers are now being judged on their students’ test scores. Anne Marshall reports Tennessee is one of a handful of states and cities to tie a teacher’s effectiveness to student performance.

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