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Abandoned Baby Law Ten Years Later

Chicago, IL

WBEZ –  A look back ten years after a law was passed that gives distraught
mothers the option of safely relinquishing their newborns. Kristin McQueary reports.

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Bad Economy Heightens Suicide Risk

San Diego, CA

KPBS – Untreated depression is the number one risk factor for suicide. Mental
health experts say economic crises can also be a trigger for people who
may be considering taking their own life. Kenny Goldberg reports.

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Immigration Divides Republicans and Latino Voters

Fronteras – Experts predict Hispanic voters will play an important role in the 2012
presidential election, particularly in key western states like Nevada,
Colorado and New Mexico. On Friday, a newly formed conservative
organization called Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN) convened in Albuquerque for two days to discuss the Latino vote. Mónica Ortiz Uribe reports.

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Perry Walks the Line on Illegal Immigration

Austin, TX

KUT – Texas Governor Rick Perry’s record on illegal immigration was a target again at Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate. Matt Largey reports Perry has a mixed approach when it comes to immigration.

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Nudging People towards Green

Portland, OR

OPB – Starting October 31st, Portland residents will do
things differently on trash day. The city is expanding a new food scrap
composting program. Portland is the third major city on the West Coast
to try this.

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Philadelphia, PA

WHYY – In Philadelphia, until very recently, a dismal five-percent of the trash
went to recycling.
Then, about a year ago, the city stepped of enforcement of a mandatory
program. Now residents are diverting nearly 20-percent of their trash –
and that’s saving the city fees from expensive landfills.
Kerry Grens reports on the city’s nudge to change residents’ behavior.

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Jail Visits Go Virtual

Cabarrus County, NC

WFAE – For family and friends with a loved one behind bars that weekly
jail house visit carries a lot of weight. But as cities and counties
build new jails, video visits are replacing that face-to-face contact. They say it cuts down on labor and is safer. But Lisa Miller reports inmates and their
visitors often say something is missing with the new technology. 

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Opposition to Using Reclaimed Water on Sacred Mountain

Flagstaff, AZ

Fronteras – When there’s snow in northern Arizona, people
flock to Flagstaff for winter in the middle of the desert.
But snow is unpredictable in this arid region. And that’s been an
ongoing problem for the local ski resort, the Arizona Snowbowl – until now. The ski resort is
laying pipelines to make snow out of reclaimed waste water. But Laurel Morales reports
local Native American tribes bitterly oppose the project because they
believe the mountains are sacred.

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Female Veterans Bring Changes to Care at VA Hospital

San Diego, CA

The California Report – Women play a growing role in the military – they now make up 14% of
those on active duty and almost 8% of the veteran population.
San Diego has more veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan than any
other region in California. Alison St John reports the VA Medical Center is
going though a cultural shift to adapt to the needs of its new


Can State Forests Survive Additional Natural Gas Drilling?

Tioga County, PA

StateImpact Pennsylvania – The commonwealth has run bil­lion
dollar-plus deficits for three straight years. But since 2009,
roy­al­ties and bonus pay­ments from Mar­cel­lus Shale drilling in state
forests have brought in hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars.  Some
offi­cials say addi­tional drilling is the solu­tion to the
commonwealth’s finan­cial prob­lems. Scott Detrow reports that’s rais­ing the ire of peo­ple
like Butch Davey, who worry addi­tional leas­ing would dam­age the
forests forever.

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Looking to Break into Farming? Don’t Bank on It

Beaver Crossing, NE

Harvest Public Media – Despite boom times in farm country, it’s more difficult than ever for
producers who want to get a start in the business because nervous banks
aren’t lending. Clay Masters has more.

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Behind the Post-9/11 Transformation of the Financial District

New York City, NY

WNYC – The September 11 attacks destroyed 13 million square feet of office
space in Lower Manhattan. That, and two recessions, led to a loss of
16,000 jobs south of Chambers Street, according to a report
from the Alliance of Downtown New York. And yet the area has remained
lively, as more and more people have chosen to make their homes there. Matthew Scheuerman reports.

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Irene Leaves Behind Battered Ecosystems

Adirondacks, NY

North Country Public Radio – Scientists, state officials and green groups are beginning to assess the
widespread environmental damage caused by tropical storm Irene in the
Adirondacks. Some of the North Country’s most important trout
streams suffered severe
erosion. Brian Mann reports clean-up efforts could also cause more disruption and damage to wetlands and fish habitat.

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Border Patrol Shifts Focus Post 9/11

Buffalo, NY

WNED – Residents on both sides of
the Niagara River know better than most how border security has
increased over the last decade. Over the last several weeks
Mark Leitner has spoken with various law enforcement agencies
charged with protecting and securing the border. One of the biggest changes has been a shift in focus from immigration to security.

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10 Years After 9/11 Flights Departed Logan Int’l, Bostonians Reflect

Boston, MA

WBUR – In Boston, there are no physical reminders of the Sept. 11 attacks. But
the city’s wounds are deep because the first attacks originated from
Logan International Airport. Monica Brady-Myrov reports.

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Vermont Towns Begin to Rebuild After Floods

photo credit: AP

Wilmington, VT

VPR – President Obama has declared several flood-stricken counties in
Vermont major disaster areas due to widespread damage from the storm. Crews are still working to rebuild roads and restore essential
services after the storm. John Dillon reports many Vermont homeowners and businesses are
worried about the months ahead, as most did not have flood insurance.

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