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Girls’ Inactivity Adds to Obesity Risk

Philadelphia, PA

WHYY – About half of African American women are obese. Black women not only
carry more weight, but start piling on extra pounds years before their
white counterparts. Taunya English reports.

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Mentally Ill Teens Cycle In and Out of Justice System

Seattle, WA

N3 – Every year in the Northwest, thousands of mentally ill teenagers get
caught up in the juvenile justice system. In fact, some counties
estimate more than half of the kids they place behind bars have a
diagnosable mental health condition. But Austin Jenkins reports many of these teens do not get the treatment
they need. Instead, they cycle in and out of detention.

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Champion of “Extreme Couponing” Draws Dedicated Following

Lewiston, ME

MPB – Hundreds
of excited Lewiston-area residents packed into a middle school
auditorium recently, hoping to learn about a way to cut their weekly
grocery shopping bill by more than half. Tom Porter reports they had come to listen to a
single mother of two from Portland who’s developed a nationwide
reputation as a leading proponent of the phenomenon known as “extreme

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What is “Natural” Meat?

Ames, IA

Harvest Public Media – A number of meat products found at the grocery store are accompanied by a “Natural label. But what does that mean? Probably not what you think,
say consumer advocacy groups. Kathleen Masterson reports the government agrees and has been trying
to clarify the term for years, but the confusion continues at the meat counter.

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Massive Petition Drive Underway Near WI Gov’s Home

Wauwatosa, WI

WUWM – Hundreds of people gathered near Governor Scott Walker’s home in Wauwatosa
Tuesday night, to vent their anger over his bill to gut collective
bargaining rights for most public workers. The rally was part of a
kickoff effort to recall the governor. Marti Mikkelson visited
the neighborhood, where a massive signature drive was underway.

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Hospital Patients Feel the Noise

Seattle, WA

KUOW –  Hospitals have long fought disease, and many of them are now fighting
noise as well. Noise is a top patient complaint, and studies show noise
can keep patients from returning to health. John Ryan has more.

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Historic Village May be Forced to Move

Zoar Village, OH

WKSU – After nearly 200 years in Northeast Ohio’s
Tuscarawas County, historic Zoar Village may have to pick up and leave. A
75-year-old levee surrounding the village is seeping. And the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers says moving the dozens of the two-century old
buildings of Zoar to higher ground may be a much less expensive option
than repairing the levee. Amanda Rabinowitz reports that’s prompting remaining Zoarites to fight
to preserve their  heritage – and geography.

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Public Universities, Private Money: How Marcellus Research is Funded

State College, PA

The Allegheny Front – Penn State University has taken a leading role in researching the pros and cons of Marcellus Shale gas drilling. Some of this research is paid for by companies extracting the gas. Reid Frazier teamed up with Public Source and found that corporate funding can help researchers and grad students, but also raises ethical questions.

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Ohio Voters Overturn Collective Bargaining Law

Columbus, OH

WCPN – More than 60 percent voted ‘No” on State Issue 2, repealing Senate Bill 5
that would have dramatically curtailed the collective bargaining rights
of 350,000 public employees in the state. But Bill Cohen says Republican leaders caution that there will be no “bailout.”

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Despite the victory, Ida Lieszkovszky reports teachers in Cleveland acknowledge the fight isn’t over.

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The Value of Water and What It Means for the Great Lakes

Watertown, NY

WBEZ –  A vast amount of fresh water is needed for farms,
manufacturing, and power plants. As Brian Mann reports, water was once a driver for the Great Lakes region, and could once again put the area in the position to profit.

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Max’s Delicatessen and the Immigration Law

Birmingham, AL

WBHM – Alabama’s new immigration law has been in the news a lot lately. There
have been stories about police setting up road blocks outside immigrant
neighborhoods and how schools are losing students. But Tanya Ott reports one
businessman has found himself at the center of the controversy – in a
spotlight he never anticipated.

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Drilling for Shale Gas in Mexico

Austin, TX

KUT –  The Eagle Ford Shale formation in South Texas doesn’t end at the Rio
Grande. That fact was not lost on the Mexican government, which recently
announced plans to expand its drilling for gas in the formation. Last week, the Mexican Minister of Energy disclosed plans to ramp up
hydraulic fracturing operations in Northern Mexico. Mose Buchele reports the announcement
wasn’t especially newsworthy for many this side of the border, but it made waves down South.

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The Economic and Social Cost of Emptiness

Grand Rapids, MI

Changing Gears – There are social and economic costs to empty buildings and empty spaces. Dustin Dwyer explores toll nothingness takes on Midwest communities and reports that while things may be better in some
neighborhoods, problems still abound.

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