Drones, robots to help provide licensing services in Dubai

Drones, robots to help provide licensing services in Dubai Drones and robots might quickly be worn in supplying car and also drivers licensing services in Dubai, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Saturday.

This’s among a system of changes of drivers licensing and education along with car testing products which the power endorsed recently.

Initiatives approved may include using robots and drones in undertaking site inspections; introducing a centralised drivers’ training system; improving business licensing services; digitising drivers licensing; and also introducing sensible healthcare testing of individuals.

Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, said digitising licensing services can help customers system all the transactions of theirs on their personal “without human intervention”.

Technology to identify violations

Al Tayer reviewed a multitude of checking and enforcement initiatives which add the application of drones in monitoring trucks staying away from inspection; and also capturing pictures of plates of trailers to find protruding load, load distribution and body safety. Initiatives consist of using robots to end cars as well as point them to checkpoints, that helps to protect the protection and protection of both policemen and also inspectors.

The RTA additionally reviewed an effort to automate sixty five physical activities associated with business licensing, which could enhance customers’ journey towards issuing commercial transport permits. It lowers the quantity of trips plus time required for transactions. A platform made on blockchain technology is going to bring together Dubai entities as Dubai Municipality, Department of Economic Development, and also the Directorate General of Civil Defence which are included in the business licensing process. The initiative slashes visits from 9 to 2, documents from thirteen to 3 and length from fifteen to 5 operating days.

Digitising drivers licensing

Drivers licensing services is digitised to earn them much more accessible, the RTA said.

This comprises enhancing “governance, believability and protection of customer’s details, and increasing drivers licensing services across paperless and smart channels”.

The initiative plays a role in the processing of transactions without going to customer service centres. It’ll help lower carbon footprint by cutting carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from 18,000 tonnes to zero. Additionally, it supports Dubai’s paperless transactions strategy, increases digitisation from fifty six per cent to ninety per cent, and also raises the amount of service delivery channels from 3 to 6.

Smart medical testing

Of all the initiatives approved on Saturday is an intelligent healthcare tests for commercial drivers which will be rolled out in the 2nd one half of this particular season. It uses artificial intelligence in testing applicants for repair of driving licences and also problems the document instantly. The initiative helps save the program length from 2 days to fifteen mins and also the program can be obtained 24/7.

E-training drivers

Al Tayer likewise examined the centralised e training program for handling, automating plus the governance of drivers’ training procedures and services. It manages operations at generating centres and offers comprehensive training resources to trainees and teachers.

The device plays a role in the digitisation of all the services and transactions, saves details of over 2 million training hours per year, plus over 100,000 trainees per annum. It preserves the printing of twenty million papers and 2,500 plastic cards annually.

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