Standard Sizes for several Types of Furniture

Standard Sizes for several Types of Furniture Most furniture is made to standard measurements. It is the procedure of arranging furniture less difficult once you realize all those common measurements before you purchase. When you understand bed or maybe couch dimensions, for instance, you are able to begin developing the layout for any space with a much better idea of the way the parts will fit.


 These dimensions are intended to become a basic guideline only. Before you purchase something be sure you calculate the portion itself to determine whether it is going to fit nicely inside the room of yours.


 Living Room Couch and Furniture Dimensions Although one couch might look different from an additional couch due to upholstery fabric, color, or style, you might be amazed to understand that many sofas talk about exactly the same rough measurements. This is applicable to various other parts of furniture living room furniture like coffee tables and end tables also. When you’ve a concept of about how large a portion is, you are able to design the number of parts to slip within the room, and also how you can pit them, therefore you’ve an area which passes efficiently. Listed here are the regular table and also couch dimensions:


Three-seat sofa: thirty five inches deep by eighty four inches wide

Loveseat: thirty five inches deep by sixty in wide

Armchair: thirty five inches deep by thirty five in wide

Coffee Table: forty eight inches in length by thirty in wide

Square end table: twenty four inches in length by twenty four in wide

Rectangular end table: twenty eight inches in length by twenty five inches wide


illustration of regular 3 seat sofa dimensions Illustration: Grace Kim. © The Spruce, 2018

Dining Room Furniture Measurements

Dining room tables and seats are generally told based on regular measurements. These have several kinds for various types of dining tables. Chairs will somewhat differ in size also. The dimensions below are the thing you are able to look to get on average:


 Dining table with a single leaf: seventy two inches in length by thirty six in wide

Round dining table for 4 folks: From a 36 inch diameter to a 44 inch diameter

Side chair: eighteen inches deep by eighteen in wide

Armchair: eighteen inches deep by twenty two in wide

The best way to Choose a Dining Table Size

Bedroom Furniture Measurements

The room normally has a foundation, 1 or maybe more nightstand, along with a chest of drawers. The dimensions for beds are definitely more standardized than for another portion of furniture, on account of requiring a regular color of bedding and mattress ikea Abu Dhabi.


Chests and nightstands are able to differ, and you will find many kinds of chests. The figures below are for a standard, small chest:


Twin-size bed: thirty nine inches wide by eighty inches long

Full-Size or double bed: fifty four inches wide by eighty inches long

Queen-size bed: sixty inches wide by eighty inches long

Eastern king size bed: seventy six inches wide by eighty inches long

California king size bed: seventy two inches wide by eighty four inches long

Chest of drawers: thirty inches wide by eighteen in deep

Nightstand: eighteen inches wide by eighteen in deep

Home Office Furniture

Family home office furniture differs in size. Desks had been usually larger, but these days you are able to choose from smaller scaled chairs & desks. Office furniture is adjustable in height. You are able to change the desk of yours right into a standing desk, and also design your seat go higher or lower. The sizes are going to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer because there’s a focus on business furniture that works the user’s needs:


Standard office desk: forty eight inches wide by thirty in deep by thirty in tall

Desk chairs: 20 to 22 inches wide by thirty six in high

Computer chairs: eighteen inches wide by thirty six in high

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