The most popular Tourist Questions About Dubai, Answered

The most popular Tourist Questions About Dubai, Answered
Planning a visit to Dubai? Here is some responses to all those crucial questions you may have
Posted on ten October 2017|Last updated on fourteen January 2020
Rebecca Roberts, Group Editor of ExpatWoman
by Rebecca Roberts
The most popular Tourist Questions About Dubai, Answered
Between the glitz and glam of the lavish lifestyles available in Dubai, and the skyscrapers, Friday brunches and also attractions, is a really complicated and misunderstood judicial process in place.

The UAE’s judicial system uses the innocent until proven guilty’ train of consideration, and therefore an accused person of any criminal wrongdoing has certain rights owed to them while in the UAE.

Naturally, while preparing the vacation of yours as being a tourist visiting Dubai? legal problems may be the very last thing on the head of yours, though it is just appropriate to ensure you come ready and do thorough analysis should anything occur during your time here.

And so to support you completely get ready, here is several of the most frequent questions travelers have about Dubai with explanations and information for you.

1. Is Dubai good to go to for tourists?
Absolutely sure? Dubai has quickly become just about the most common go to destinations for travellers and vacations and contains a wide range of attractions, sight-seeing, activities & historic areas to enjoy.

In reality, Dubai is one of best cities in arguably THE best state in the Middle East. Because of more stringent laws, crime is held to a bare minimum and you also should not be pleasantly surprised to discover that lots of visitors really feel risk-free during the stay of theirs in Dubai.

2. Are you able to bring alcohol into Dubai?
Tourists traveling to Dubai is able to provide the next foods totally free of responsibility into the city:

Presents with a benefit of no more than AED 3,000
400 cigarettes Or perhaps 500 grams of tobacco Or perhaps fifty cigars
And also as much as four litres of alcoholic beverages Or maybe forty eight cans of beer (each not exceeding 355 ml) So sure, visitors are able to purchase as well as take alcohol into Dubai. That leads us onto #3

3. Are you able to consume in Dubai?
Technically, no? in case you do not get an alcohol license in Dubai you should not consume. Nevertheless, the city is constantly improving the tourist business of its, therefore many visiting shouldn’t have any concern buying a beverage while staying right here.

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Visitors are going to find that majority of restaurants, bars & hotels serve alcohol to all those above the UAE’s legal drinking age of twenty one.

In case you are a resident living in Dubai? that is another story, because you must buy as well as register for an alcohol license. Provided you are a non Muslim.

4. Are you able to swear in Dubai?
Not any, you ought to endeavour to maintain your potty mouth shut while out and about in Dubai. Especially in places that are public where crowds will develop, like at the seaside, or perhaps in a local mall and restaurant. Be aware of who’s around you? Dubai is a melting pot of a number of countries, therefore it is better to refrain from swearing to make sure you do not inadvertently insult someone.

In the convenience of the own hotel room of yours or maybe vacation residence, swear almost all you like? simply do not say whatever could bring about offence in public.

5. Are you able to smoke in Dubai?
Dubai is among the number of tourist destinations left that still allows smoking inside? which is news that is great in case you smoke, but news that is terrible in case you cannot place it.

But do not be alarmed? all restaurants which do allow indoor smoking sort the smokers from the non smokers in various sitting areas.

And also in case you are a lover of shisha? you will be pleasantly shocked to find a lot of Arabic restaurants or regional cafes that work it. In case it is your very first time visiting, and you are not against getting it a go? you are able to use it together with your authentic Middle Eastern’ experience here.

Individuals individuals who do smoke will additionally be delighted to find out that Dubai’s tobacco costs continue to be incredibly inexpensive in comparison to many other Western nations. For instance, a pack of Marlboro Gold costs AED twenty for twenty cigarettes.

Tourist Questions About Dubai

6. Are you able to hold hands in public in Dubai?

In case you are a married couple, holding hands is tolerated. But kissing, petting or even hugging may be regarded as an offence to public decency. Consequently, we inform you keep the PDAs of yours just for the hotel room of yours or maybe vacation residence.

As per the UAE’s law, PDAs and sexual harassment or perhaps randomly dealing with females in locations that are public, is likely being published by deportation or imprisonment.
So sure? ensure that it stays for behind closed doors.

7. Is it unlawful to kiss in Dubai? Is public affection illegal?
View above. Kissing in public isn’t permitted in Dubai or perhaps the UAE.

8. Remember what food you’ve to use in Dubai?
As a general guideline, ensure your holiday outfits help keep you covered from shoulders to at a minimum the knee to avoid any problems from arising must you induce offence to anyone.

At the beach or maybe by the swimming pool, it is okay to put on your (suitable) swimwear, so very long as you are properly dressed once more after making the swimming pool or perhaps beach vicinity.

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We’ve a complete manual to Dubai’s dress code offered right here, and here are several of the most frequent mistakes tourists (and residents) make with regards to Dubai’s dress code which are very easily preventable.

9. Can I consume alcohol during Ramadan in Dubai?
Through the years, the community is now more lenient about the serving of alcoholic drinks during the Holy Month of Ramadan? with certain companies gaining very special permissions from the authorities to allow their regular program through the entire month.

Nevertheless, do save your alcohol consumption restricted in the Holy Month as it is safer to be safe than sorry.

In case you locate a restaurant which is serving alcoholic beverages during Ramadan in Dubai, you will likely discover it is looking for a specific period of the morning.

10. Can females get in Dubai?

Indeed, females are able to get in Dubai and the UAE.

11. Do I want a visa to visit Dubai?
Requirements for acquiring a visit visa to go to Dubai differ according to the nationality of yours, the objective of the visit of yours plus its length.

GCC nationals are given entry upon arrival, along with many other people from the next places are able to get a visa upon arrival which lasts ninety days; France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Greece, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Finland, Austria, Sweden, GeCirmany, Holland, Norway, Italy, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Also, people of the next places are able to get a visa upon arrival for thirty days, with a 10 day grace period; Andorra, United States, San Marino, Japan, Canada, The Vatican, New Zealand, Ireland, Brunei, South Korea, Monaco, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Russian federation and united Kingdom.

12. What language is spoken in Dubai?
Though Arabic may be the main language of Dubai and the UAE, you will discover English is most often used in public places, on street signs, in public and shopping malls.

Below you are going to find seventeen Arabic phrases that most travelers are able to find out to assist with daily talks while visiting Dubai.

Tourist Questions About Visiting Dubai

13. What tourist attractions will be in Dubai?
There are many, and most fit various lifestyles and ages. From the Burj Khalifa, to The Beach in JBR, to the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park, to City Walk’s HUB ZERO along with Burj Al Arab, Souk Madinat, desert safaris, sand dune buggy rides, to the Dubai Canal and Dubai Marina There is A great deal to find out as well as do during the some time of yours in Dubai, with choices that fit many budgets.

In reality, why would you do not you check out deal sites as Cobone with a lot of exercise offers to help reduce a lot of Dirhams during your stay here?

14. What emergency numbers are utilized in Dubai?
An extremely important issue! For Dubai Police, dial 999. For the Fire Department, ring 997, ambulance is 998, and should you’ve some blips regarding power or maybe water solutions, dial 991.

For a complete listing of emergency numbers along with police station contact info, check out the web page of ours on emergency numbers in Dubai.

15. Do I’ve to tip in Dubai?
Numerous bars and restaurants are the service cost within the cost of the meal/drinks bought, however there could be a few situations like with a valet, and utilizing a Dubai taxi that you think it acceptable to tip? which is good. Something between the ten % – twenty % mark is going to be okay.

16. Are drugs allowed in Dubai?
Definitely not. It is not really worth entertaining the concept. Do not attempt to get some in to the nation, and most definitely do not seek or even simply take any while in the nation.

17. Are presently there any photography rules in Dubai?
Surprisingly for some, of course you will find several photography restrictions in Dubai. While it is a great town for each photography lover to flex their snapping skills, you will find several places/individuals which shouldn’t get to be the subject of concentration for the pictures of yours.

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Military areas, palaces, courts, Certain bridges and government buildings must be stayed away from? in reality, taking photos in areas that are limited might make you come down in jail or even be fined.

Stay away from taking videos of females completely, and in case you do want to go for a photograph of a private? you should have their permission before taking it.

18. Is Dubai special needs friendly?

The UAE is consistently improving the accessibility of its to those people that have specific needs or maybe a disability. Many public places as malls and tourist attractions are completely accessible, but about and out on the roadways could demonstrate just a little tough in case the trip of yours or maybe day is not designed correctly.

19. When’s the greatest moment to go to Dubai?
We are all really conscious of precisely how HOT it is able to get in Dubai and the UAE during summer time, but travelers wishing to go to Dubai is happy to hear that this heat does cool off in the winter season. From October to April, the heat is often cooler? with the very best time entirely being from November to March.

20. What hospitals/doctors can I contact in Dubai as a tourist?
Provided you’ve overseas health insurance, going to private hospital or a government, or maybe a doctor’s hospital should not be a problem for you.

Or else, in case you’ve paying upfront, you are able to count on anyplace between Dhs 300 to Dhs 700 for an appointment? along with the extra expenses of each medications needed.

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